Sanitation Workers Win Campaign for Reform School Bus Teamsters Celebrate 10 Year Campaign United Teamsters Prepare for Strike

Sanitation Workers Win

After years of organizing, sanitation workers and Local 813 celebrated a Department of Sanitation plan to reform the industry  Read More

School Bus Teamsters Celebrate 10 Year Campaign

Since 2006, Drive Up Standards has brought better pay and a union to thousands of school bus drivers across the country  Read More

United Teamsters Prepare for Strike

United Airlines mechanics voted down the company's "final offer," and are fighting for a fair contract   Read More

Teamsters Slam Low-Wage Moving Jobs at Sony

Teamsters Local 814 and allies rallied outside of Sony's new North American headquarters, calling on the company to hire a moving contractor that pays a living wage.  Read More

Teamsters Fight Trans Pacific Partnership

Sign the petition and demand Congress stand up for working families and against bad trade deals.  Read More


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Inefficient commercial waste system "adds $10 million to operating costs in diesel fuel alone," passed to customers crainsnewyork.com/article/201…

About 2 hours ago from NYC Teamsters's Twitter via TweetDeck