George speaking at IBT conventionGeorge L. Miranda, President

George Miranda leads the Teamsters in New York as President of Joint Council 16, a union of 120,000 workers in downstate New York.

Miranda grew up in the South Bronx and Puerto Rico. As a young worker at Pan American Airlines, George was a leader in a nation-wide organizing campaign that unionized the company with the Teamsters.

Miranda has held numerous positions within the Teamsters in the succeeding decades, from organizer through International Vice President. In addition to his role as Joint Council President, Miranda serves as the principal officer of Local 210, representing employees in the airline, warehouse, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and cosmetic manufacturing industries.

For the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Miranda is an At-Large Vice President, President of the Teamsters National Hispanic Caucus and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Teamsters Airline Division. George Miranda is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Consortium for Worker Education and a Vice President of the New York City Central Labor Council.

George is known as a smart negotiator and innovative campaign manager. He leads Teamster negotiations with airlines across the country.

His fierce advocacy has made him a leader on immigrant rights, environmental justice, and other progressive causes. Miranda has united the Teamsters in strong coalitions with environmental and social movements that advance the cause of workers alongside other goals. Under his leadership, Teamsters Joint Council 16 voted to become a sanctuary union and protect immigrant members from deportation. He led the Teamsters response to Hurricane Maria, marshaling supplies and volunteers to help Puerto Rico recover from the devastating storm.

He is recipient of the Working Families Party “Labor Leader of the Year” award, Teamster Black Caucus “Man of the Year” Award, Teamster Hispanic Caucus “Man of the Year” Award, the “Samaritan Foundations Distinguished Humanitarian” Award, the Instituto Laboral de la Raza “Brother of the Year” Award, and the Teamster National Black Caucus Pioneer Leadership Award.

George and his wife, Dr. Gayle Miranda, live in Manhattan.

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George Miranda

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