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Reycling Workers Rally for a Union

Sims Recycling Workers Rally for a Union

Recycling workers at Sims are organizing a union with the Teamsters to secure good jobs for their families. Today, City Council Member Carlos Menchaca rallied with the workers and told them that all workers have the right to organize.

Carlos Menchaca with Sims TeamstersSims has a $1.5 billion contract with New York City to process all residential recycling. Workers sort metal, glass, and plastic so the valuable materials can be sold for reprocessing and turned into new products.

Sims workers are forming a union because they want to address disrespectful management, favoritism, and an unfair scheduling system. They also want affordable healthcare for their families.

Council Member Menchaca announced his support of the workers in a post on Facebook, saying “The workers at the Sims facility here in Sunset Park have a right to organize and I support them fully. They have a right to a safe workplace, and the fair compensation, and benefits in place for workers at similar facilities operated elsewhere.

“I offer my thanks to the workers and organizers who have brought us this far at Sims and I look forward to their successful institution of union representation here.”

Although Sims presents itself as a socially responsible company, its response to Sims workers organizing for justice has been anything but responsible. Sims workers have filed multiple charges at the National Labor Relations Board, testifying that the company retaliated against workers who supported the union.

Sims workers are calling on their company to recognize their union and negotiate a contract.