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Congressman Suozzi Supports Clare Rose Strikers

Congressman Tom Suozzi released the following statement in support of Teamsters striking at Clare Rose, a Budweiser, Heineken, and craft beer distributor on Long Island.

“Clare Rose is one of the most successful beer distributors in the country, thanks in large part to the hard work of Long Islanders who have spent their careers selling and moving beer for Clare Rose. It is a family business that always treated its employees like their own family, fairly compensated them, provided solid retirement and worked productively with their union, Teamsters Local 812 for over 50 years without incident.

“I am concerned that Clare Rose took unprecedented action against their workforce today by replacing Teamster drivers with out-of-state workers. This action, after implementing wage and pension cuts, is not the values that our Long Island community and the founder of this company was built on.

“I support the Teamster members and their families on strike at Clare Rose and urge the Rose family to reopen negotiations in good faith and come to an agreement that will provide workers will good wages and retirement benefits.

“I am available to help facilitate the relationship between the parties if asked and am available to bring this to its rightful conclusion.”