220 East 23rd St, Room 801
New York, NY 10010


Teamsters Local 272 represents workers in parking garages within the New York City region. Local 272 members are spread out, with 7,500 members across 1,500 different garages, but they are bound together by a strong sense of solidarity. Most parking workers are organized under one master contract, which has given them the power to create good careers out of what is a low-paying job elsewhere in the country. Local 272 also represents workers in the rental car industry and at Penske, Ryder, and Mendon trucking.


Fred Alston, Secretary-Treasurer
Jose Luis Rojas, President
Eddie N. Rivera, Vice President
Johanna Ruesca, Recording Secretary
Alexis Gonzalez, Trustee
Italo Espinoza, Trustee