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City Council Passes Waste Equity Bill

NY Teamsters Respond to President’s Sanctuary City Threats

NEW YORK, NY – Teamsters Joint Council 16 President George Miranda had the following statement in response to President Trump’s plan to release immigrants from detention in sanctuary cities like New York:

“The New York Teamsters welcome immigrants into our sanctuary union and our sanctuary city. For centuries, people have come to America fleeing violence, oppression, disaster, or poverty. The immigrants coming today are no different. Like in the past, these immigrants make our country stronger and more vibrant.

“Rather than seeing President Trump’s statement as the threat he intends, we will celebrate, welcome, support, and protect immigrants who are released in New York. We will break bread with them, organize alongside them, and include them in our community.

“Teamsters Joint Council 16 became a sanctuary union in 2017 because we know that there are no labor rights without immigrant rights. We pledged to stand against deportations and to protect the rights of our immigrant members and their communities. When companies or politicians use immigrants to divide workers, it means lower wages and unsafe jobs for everyone.

“Using vulnerable immigrants as political pawns represents the worst of who we can be. Our history as a nation of immigrants represents the best of who we can be.”