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Teamster President Leads on Worker Education

Teamster President Leads on Worker Education

The following article appeared in the newsletter of the Consortium for Worker Education:

In many ways, George Miranda exemplifies the relationship between the Consortium for Worker Education and the labor movement.

“As New York’s premiere institution for educating workers, unions depend on CWE to help our members get the training and certifications they need to advance in their industries,” says Miranda, who serves as both Chairman of the CWE Board and President of Teamsters Joint Council 16. “But through CWE, unions are also able to fulfill our mission of helping all New Yorkers get the training and good jobs they need to succeed in this economy.”

It is fitting that Miranda became the chairman of the board in 2014. CWE grew out of initiatives at the Teamsters 30 years ago, where union leaders believed that no institution was better suited to help workers get trained and get a promotion than their own union.

Miranda has seen the CWE benefit his own members. For decades, Teamsters have been going to CWE for free Commercial Driver’s License training, which can cost members thousands of dollars to purchase on their own. “Through CWE, our members are able to go from the storeroom to the cab of a 53 footer. It gives workers the power to improve and transform their lives.”

But as the CWE has expanded its footprint, it has become a resource for all working New Yorkers. Through two programs funded by the City Council, Jobs to Build On and Worker Service Centers, CWE is providing thousands of unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers each year with job training and job placement services. Miranda looks forward to seeing those efforts expand in additional neighborhoods through community-based organizations in the Bronx and CWE’s recent partnership with library branches to provide job services in their community spaces.

“The labor movement started CWE to serve workers, all workers,” says Miranda. “We are committed to growing this institution and fulfilling that mission.”