Press > December 8, 2017
New York Daily News

UPS forcing drivers to work 70-hour weeks

This Christmas, UPS drivers are getting the gift of overtime — whether they want it or not. United Parcel Service on Dec. 1 called for mandatory overtime for its drivers Read More >>

Press > February 1, 2017
New York Daily News

Local 553 Speaks Out on School Bus Wages

The City Council approved $42 million in 2014 in payments to private companies to boost driver wages that year – but a city agency renewed the program for another year Read More >>

Press > January 15, 2017
New York Daily News

Sanitation Workers Fight for MLK Holiday

Martin Luther King Jr. died while standing up for sanitation workers’ rights — but many still have to work on his holiday. Civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. was Read More >>

Press > October 28, 2016
New York Daily News

Daily News Profiles Local 553 Bus Attendant

“I can’t afford it,” Phillips said tearfully. “I won’t be able to afford any gifts for my granddaughter for Christmas. These companies need to realize we’re real people and we Read More >>